David Michael Joseph

David Michael Joseph is an Alternative writer, poet, and filmmaker from the great state (tongue in check) of New Jersey, now living in Los Angeles, hoping to breathe a breath of fresh air into the literary world. He has a passion for story telling and poetry. He also has written Exodus from the River Town, his first collection of short stories.
Many times he has infused the two elements into his films. He has made four short movies including Festival selections and winners Shadows of Sepulveda and C.A.k.E.

Stories by David Michael Joseph

Dubs and Me

Illustrated by Myfanwy Kinder

Flower That was her name Short, Blonde (artificial), full lips Hollywood-party girl She was the center of it all Love triangle turned square circle It was a Tuesday We were at the Martinez’s apartment The Martinez were no good Low level Mexican con men It was Dubs, Martin and I Deez was John Martinez’s make shift nurse …

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