David Jiminez

David is a 21 year old creative writing major from The Bronx, New York. Writing has been his passion ever since he could hold a pencil correctly. Capturing and maintaining the reader’s attention is something he loves challenging himself with. There are many techniques and words that attract the interest of the human mind on an entertainment level. He is looking to make a living out of exploring them. His son is nearly 2 and he means the world to him. He wants to be able to give him everything he wants and needs, which is why he is elated to be attending Full Sail University. His goal throughout his education is to acquire many different techniques and writing styles, as well as sharpen his current abilities. Growing up, he was a comic geek with hopes of working in the film industry on projects related to the scripts of well known comic heroes. He has big dreams and huge ideas and knows one day, he will paint the world with his work.

Stories by David Jiminez

A Final Distress Call

Illustrated by Joey To

My name is Professor Heltor Patrius, submarine biologist and the foremost authority on deep-sea excavation. Six months ago, I developed a blueprint for what could potentially be the next generation of submarines. Capable of plunging to depths of approximately twenty-one hundred feet in six seconds, without disturbing the equilibrium of anybody aboard, this was to …

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