Dave Novak

Dave Novak lives in New Jersey and works in a profession that requires absolutely no creative writing. So, in his own little boring way of acting rebellious, he writes in his spare time.

Stories by Dave Novak

The Lonely Kiss

Illustrated by Lakshmy Mathur

“This will kill us one day,” Anna says. “You’d realize that, too. If only you’d let yourself.” “Stop that,” Tomas says. “You say that every time.” He squeezes her hand. Today is special. Today is Sola Est Osculum. The most romantic of days. The day when the sky of one world is filled with another. When the heavens reflect the earth, …

First Date

Illustrated by Alberta Torres

Time was not coming through for Steven. Time — that very same thing that Steven worked so diligently to manage, to sculpt into well segmented and fully accountable blocks, and with such a responsible balance of deference and compliance. It was time that let Steven down the most. It was time that burst past its duly …