Dave Clark

Dave Clark was born in Essex and lives in Cambridge, though his stories are mostly set in Swansea, New York and London, and occasionally outer space. His stories have also appeared in the charity anthologies 50 Stories for Pakistan and 100 Stories for Queensland.

Stories by Dave Clark


Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

Critics. This place is full of critics. And ducks. It’s Kelvin Henderson’s annual critics and ducks party. I’m currently being accosted by a Mallard about the state of contemporary dance. Well, I don’t speak duck, so I don’t know exactly what he’s quacking about, but his movements are a perfect satire of that new dance craze. I don’t know …

Death and the Purple Hat

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

I was sorting the petty cash into currencies that are current, extinct and yet to be invented, when Death appeared before me. He was clothed in the thick black Robe of Death, gifted to Him either just before, or just after, the beginning of time. “I didn’t expect to see you today,” I said. He had …

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