Daniel Henshaw

While studying English at Sheffield Hallam University, Daniel began developing his writing style while simultaneously consuming great writers such as Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and HG Wells. Since then, Daniel has qualified as a primary school teacher, started numerous blogs and had a handful of articles published in magazines. When Daniel isn’t teaching children, he writes short stories and poems for both children and adults.

Stories by Daniel Henshaw

Ryan and Mr Fisher

Illustrated by Kristy Lankford

“Two more minutes,” Mr Fisher announced. Disaster. Not enough time for a comeback. Ryan had been partnered with Kelly Brockhall for tennis and it soon became clear that she was going to beat him. Although Ryan loved sports, there was one thing that he absolutely detested; losing. In fact, Ryan hated losing so much that he …

The Rude Chambermaid

Illustrated by Kristy Lankford

Nikola Cooper was an extremely well-travelled young lady. She’d laid her head on the comfiest pillows of the finest Parisian hotels, spent entire nights with no sleep whilst camping through electrical storms in the sweltering Australian desert, and had paid a Cambodian fruit seller just $1 to share a windowless room with his two dogs. …