Colleen Shields Griffin

Colleen Shields Griffin is a freelance writer who lives outside of Boston with her husband and four children.

Stories by Colleen Shields Griffin

Sea Level

Illustrated by Poppy Ridsdill

When my mouth filled with seawater, I was six. Seagulls battled, yet my sister sensed no one. Like a mermaid, she danced, her mane skimming the surface. Panic numbed my legs and filled my middle. I tried to shout. Water streamed down my throat. My toes stretched. Water pushed. Tipped toes grasped roiling sand. A …

Through A Child’s Eye

Illustrated by Ford Spencer

With six brothers and sisters, I still found ways to be alone. At seven, I studied picture dictionaries and daydreamed in gardens. I played with siblings. Yet, it was the adults that fascinated me. I watched them constantly. When backs turned, I peeked at soap operas, gulped cold coffee and blew at cigarettes embers turning …