Clyde Liffey

Clyde Liffey lives near the water.

Stories by Clyde Liffey


Illustrated by Miakoda Ohki

“Would you like a 1974 or a 75?” the waitress asked. “The disco years,” I whispered to my companion. She shushed me, she didn’t know me then. “We’ll try the 74,” my woman replied then sotto voce to me, “just close your eyes and pretend like everyone else.” “An excellent choice,” the waitress said. “Our vine was just …


Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

Given the limited number of colors, crags, hollows, and other proportions that people’s faces have it isn’t unusual for two unrelated people to look similar if not almost exactly alike. This is not so different from the observation that any two snowflakes for all their purported individuality are indistinguishable in any given fall. The odds …