Ciahnan Q. Darrell

Ciahnan Darrell is a doctoral candidate at The University at Buffalo dissertating on post-apartheid South African fiction. He has worked as a janitor, a nightclub bouncer, an army chaplain, and a personal trainer, among other jobs, and he brings the diversity of his life experience into his writing. His stories have appeared in the Ishaan Literary Review and Ricochet Magazine.

Stories by Ciahnan Q. Darrell


Illustrated by Cait Maloney

“Why are we outside? It’s cold. The rain’s soaked through my jacket.” “What are you talking about, Stephen? The sun’s shining. It’s ninety degrees.” My jacket is normally the color of olives, but it’s darker now, saturated. My mother’s hair flies in the wind. “Go help your brother build a sand castle.” Her boyfriend puts an arm around her. …