Carolyn Foulkes

Carolyn Foulkes is the pen name of a U.S. writer who has published a dozen stories in the past year: flash fiction and longer pieces in the crime, gothic, spec fic, mainstream, and humor genres.

Stories by Carolyn Foulkes

Miss Apprehension

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

Dear Diary, this has been the worst day of my life and it aint over. You know I always keep my cell tucked next to my thigh so Jablonski, that mad Hungarian English teacher, cant see me texting to my bf and sister in the classroom down the hall. So I hit and a tiny …

Done In Before the Blue Ice Melted

Illustrated by Michael Ilkiw

So my guy Rudy made blueberry martinis because it’s my birthday. woot! With special blue ice. Anybody eat blue food or drink bluehooch? Closed my eyes and made believe the ice cubes were birthday candy. After two or three I tell him “Maybe you got a good idea. We need a Drinkin Channel on TV for …

Inside Lookin Out

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

Hey. Diary, it’s me again. Sorry to be so lame about checkin in. Like, it’s a month, right? Bout since I mentioned I found my new man Harold. Don’t get your hopes up that Harold is still hangin round. That bit is over. Just glad I don’t have to pay his hospital or chiroprac — well, …

Movin to the Moon

Illustrated by Mark Reihill

Hey Diary, I knew it would be that kinda day. I got laid off from Tastee Dogs and asked my boss, “R u gonna pay me in hotdogs or cash?” Hes got recession obsession, u know. Wonder how come I never hear about gruntled employees. And who has been dissing them anyhow? Still mad too at …

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