Carla Dow

Carla J. Dow has worked as a news journalist and has written for a variety of charity publications including for the Red Cross. Most of her work is inspired by real-life encounters from travelling and volunteering around the globe. Carla’s current projects include a never-ending attempt at her first novel and an equally endless plethora of short stories about people who do not belong.

Stories by Carla Dow

From One Story to Another

Illustrated by Terri Kelleher

One late summers evening as the sun rested low on the horizon, not quite ready to go to bed but heading that way, a young boy and a little girl bounced high on a trampoline. The trampoline sat on a big green lawn, tucked up behind a cozy family home, nestled in old market town, on …

Brown Haze

Illustrated by Chinedu Onochie

I sit on the prickly green carpet and try to force myself to focus. I am as detached from my decision now as I was from Steve’s rigid body yesterday. I am now as I was then, an impartial bystander waiting patiently to the side until the decision is made. The thin carpet tiles scratch at …

The Walk

Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

“I can’t quite recall the moment it began, it just seemed to seep upon us like a rising floodwater or noxious gas. War crept up on us and only when it was fixed in our lives, did it announce its presence.” I pause in my story and look up at the white woman. She nods her …

The Railway Incident

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

It was the end of a long day and everyone was relieved it was over. The children had tired of the do-gooders from up town and the committee had just about enough of those snotty brats from the bottom of the village, thank you very much. For now the children were free of the social restraints …

The Puppeteer and the Gardener

Illustrated by Delilah Buckle

The bruises will bloom later, like the blue and purple petals of a spring hydrangea. For now his face is marred only by the blushing red and pink blossom of newly damaged flesh, the blood rushing to colour his skin like an army marching on the defense. “That’s enough, let’s go.” I turn and follow her out …

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