Brian Dodge

Brian Dodge is a Toronto-based writer. His pen name is eerily similar to a certain Ben Dodge – they are, in fact, one and the same. Stories of his have appeared in Story Shack.

Stories by Brian Dodge


Illustrated by Cait Maloney

Edel never sleeps. She swings in her boss’s silo, post-rota, drifting her chemically unhinged consciousness across her brain’s hemispheres as she staggers on the concrete loading dock, chrome spurs flaring. The triumphant surge of a wild cat lifts at her fluttering heart, held together by gently gnawing stitches and an (ignored) bio-surgeon’s manual. Venom hovers …


Illustrated by Darcy Rozen

It isn’t how I remembered it. The waiting. The hard return—the strike of something alive, twitching under a stratosphere at the bare edges of flickering displays and drifting star charts. Days of First Contact drills in the ethereal holographic range of Sim-Deck Two. Three mission briefings, a twinge as my scouting unit is tapped for deployment. …


Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

The morning has begun with the great beams ripping the clouds apart, brilliant and bold and harsh against the smoky vista of the skyline. Explosions rumble; the distant tumble of buildings folding inward on their own foundations rattles the mirror on my vanity. The reverberation of the ceaseless bombardment has been our church bell for …

Bury Your Soul Six Feet Under

Illustrated by Joe Zabel

Don’t be afraid to kick-start it. Set those cleated rotting boots behind that panel. The one with the green sheen of corrosion. That one. Literally. It’ll break you before you’ll break it. Take that from someone who’s broken more than a few toes from all these years off the beaten path. The soul goes before anything else …


Illustrated by Péter János Novák

CLICK A door slams somewhere in the hazy, dusty distance. It’s a miracle of the acoustics of the grungy basement offices that the sound makes it as far as his niche; beyond the first four feet of the doorway the floor is drowned in desks. They create a labyrinth of chipped wood, brushed wood, dark oak …

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