BethAnn Caputo

BethAnn Caputo graduated from Adelphi University with a M.A. in English Education. Her work is either forthcoming or can be seen in Daily Love, The Rusty Nail and Downer Magazine. She has a passion for travel and has taught creative writing classes in Ireland. She now lives and writes in Flagstaff, AZ.

Stories by BethAnn Caputo

Tarantulas in Flagstaff

Illustrated by Jordan Wester

I saw a tarantula once in Flagstaff. It was stoically making its way down Oakmont Drive when I spotted it. Seeing it so close gave me goosebumps so, like any risky daredevil, I lifted my sneaker to pulverize it. Unexpectedly, it paused and seemingly braced itself for the force of my shoe, a sad but …