Benjamin L. Hobson

Benjamin L. Hobson writes and lives in QLD, Australia. His novella, If the Saddle Breaks My Spine, was shortlisted for the Viva La Novella competition run by in 2014. Follow him on twitter @benleighhobson or Facebook.

Stories by Benjamin L. Hobson

The Hour I First Believed

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

The quill is growing ratty. The feathers are twisted, clumped, sticky with ink. Frank can’t remember buying it. He runs his fingers through the feathers, gently squeezing, and they catch. He dips it into the inkwell a number of times and scrapes the nub against the side to wipe off the excess. He takes his …

To Supersede, To Sit Upon

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

A large pig pinned between locked knees, straddled, is given an injection in the neck. Alastair’s arms are straining as he inserts the needle. He didn’t think it would be so big. The pig’s head moves violently, squealing. He’s afraid that he’ll stick its eyes. No telling how the pig would react. Liable to buck …


Illustrated by Cait Maloney

Your leg when it breaks in half sounds like a wet tree branch snapping. I swear to God. Go outside, find a tree, throw some water on it, and snap it in half. That wet, crunchy sound? That’s your leg snapping. That’s your tibia and fibula bones breaking. When you’re robbing a house, none of this …

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