Ben White

Ben White is a physician in Texas. He writes @midnightstories and edits Nanoism, both ongoing collections of extremely brief fiction. You can also find him on his website.

Stories by Ben White

Turkey on Wheat

Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

The first thing I remember is being under something. The sheets. I felt the fabricon my face, sliding across my skin with my breathing. It was dark under there, and I liked it. It must have been in New York, before we moved. I was between three or four. Nobody seemed to notice me there, …

You Read About Local Politics and Hate the Sox

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

I’ve been taking pictures of all the places I used to see you before we met. I am reconstructing our narrative. It starts with us in a Starbucks. I saw you frowning over the news while I waited for my drink. You tossed the paper on the table, shook your head and left, popping the …

Memories of Life

Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

Kuroda lost his sister in a car crash outside of their Tokyo prep school yesterday. Her uniform, her clean pressed white shirt, was smudged with grease from the car and dirt from the street, scratched and torn. Rain continued to fall hard, rivulets weaving across the concrete, pooling around the crowd and the young girl. …