Becca Hirsch

Becca Hirsch is an eighteen-year-old Californian, a writer, student, sister, and godmother, someday hoping to become an outdoor person, a morning person, and a self-reliant human being. Her first chapbook, Common Threads of Mystic Discontent, will be released as an Amazon e-book in the near future.

Stories by Becca Hirsch

The Working Man

Illustrated by Adam Kolanski

Yes? Garrett Honakker. That’s me. The agency told me, they wanted me to speak to you directly. All right. Well. I just wanted you to know that nothing’s official. Nothing ever went to trial. And really I quit just as much as I got fired. And Elise, she- the woman, she- There were no police …

Miss Missouri

Illustrated by Sherri Oliver

Begin by answering the phone, reaching into the mailbox, visiting your mother. Maybe you hear it over the radio. Watch a late-night special. Read the back of the non-fat milk carton. Outside your building, your mother will apologize repeatedly. She will cry. She will have had her long grey hair cut short. A gesture. Four years, …