Austin Boston

Austin Boston lives in a variety of places at once, but most currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Previously published in Quill and Parchment and a few school literary journals as well as a semi-finalist in the California Writing Project, Austin will continue to write himself a marvelous career. Find him on his blog.

Stories by Austin Boston

Conversation with the Wilderness

Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

I stand among the brush staring at the sky, listening to mirror-clear water dribble down from a desert spring, looking at the mountain, strips of sandstone and red rocks powdered with trees and dust. The mountain taunts me, saying “You’ll never be as wise as me, I’ve been sitting here for thousands of years, I …

The Dervish and the Little Girl

Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

Remember you were seven once, and you had a baby brother of ten months, your papa was off in battle with the Spanish, your mother sick with post-partum depression, so it was up to you to bring the counsel of the Dervishes in the Lodge up the plateau. They were to tell you to bring …