AR Neal

Andreé Robinson-Neal got bit by the writing bug back in the late 1970s while watching Rod Serling and reading Ray Bradbury; although she has worked in education for more than a quarter-century, she has never been cured of her penchant for speculative fiction. Find her lurking in the shadows over at Flash Fiction Chronicles or at her blog home. You may even find a bit of her writing cast about the web on sites like Story Shack Magazine and MicroHorror. She writes under the name AR Neal, who will hopefully one day be identified as a famous NaNoWriMo participant…

Stories by AR Neal

Rental Property

Illustrated by Myfanwy Kinder

The saying was the eyes are the windows to the soul; Evelyn looked out through the color of café au lait and surveyed the world that, over the past 83 years, had shown her many changes which had collected as so many dusty and shelved memories. She straightened her bed after a restless night and …


Illustrated by Monique Laffite

Karen had fallen behind, and neither she nor any of the other moms on the trip for that matter, seemed overly concerned. She pushed William along and together they took their own path through the zoo instead of the one designed by the daycare staff. It was early on a Tuesday; Karen surmised that they …

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