Alexander Burns

Alexander Burns lives in Denton, TX. He writes because he doesn’t have a basement in which to build robots or time machines. His work has appeared at Every Day Fiction, A Thousand Faces, 10Flash, The Future Fire, Big Pulp, and The Story Shack. He recently received an honorable mention at the Writers of the Future contest. Find him on-line.

Stories by Alexander Burns

The Organization

Illustrated by James Brown

Lenny aimed his fists at the moon, bright and full in the skylight, and braced his feet, as though tugging on the distant satellite with a lasso. “And then, it’s easy enough to just drop it right on her house!” Richard spared a moment from glaring at his cell phone to glare at Lenny. “I meant …

It Could Be Us

Illustrated by Shantala Robinson

The prisoner possessed an incredible capacity for anguish. We crushed entire galaxies, literally crushed them beneath our boots (BOOTS device of course but who can remember what the acronym stands for?), and he would not give up his associates. So I put a bullet in a universe and it turned to ash in front of …

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