Alex Creece

Alex Creece collects teeth and other biohazards.

Stories by Alex Creece

Sea Monsters

Illustrated by Alexandria Heather

An anglerfish meanders through a lonesome depth. It bides its time in a patient chase, following the overhang of a luminescent crown. The prey to its own predation, days and weeks are spent following the warm glimmer of hope bobbing ever out of reach. The creature is transfixed upon the bright lights of idea and odyssey. …


Illustrated by Miakoda Ohki

I glistened upon the sidewalk, fandango-pink and malleable. I was fresh with plasticity, a film of frothy saliva comfortably settling into my crevices. Its tiny bubbles tickled my elastic flesh as they popped beneath a frightful sun. I knew that dreaded thing would be my end; I would be reduced to an insipid blotch upon …


Illustrated by Nevena Katalina

9/11 was a political cabaret; a lightshow of theatrics and holographics; a cirque du skyline. We never went to any moon past Kubrick’s imagination or the blinding eclipse that is organised government. Colonel Sanders is a myth. Zeph lay tucked beneath the safe luxury of belief, her mental life cradling her figure and filling each little pocket of …

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