Adam Renn Olenn

A Bread Loaf contributor and Grub Street scholarship winner, Adam Renn Olenn’s story The Oldest Man in Town was selected for the 2013 edition of Best New England Crime Stories, and his story Coronation was anthologized in the 2012 edition. Coronation was a finalist for the Derringer award for short fiction. Other pieces have appeared in online journals, and he is a regular contributor to BerkleeToday, an award-winning music magazine. Find Adam on-line here.

Stories by Adam Renn Olenn


Illustrated by Mark Reihill

She closed The Book, handed it to the attendant, and stepped awkwardly through the door. The other six were already in their seats, and she deeply wished her thick suit came with a pocket. It occurred to her that foxholes aren’t the only places inhospitable to atheism. The attendant followed her in and helped her to …