Paul Beckman

Paul Beckman writes everywhere and sells real estate in Connecticut. One endeavor is much more rewarding than the other. He's been published in The Raleigh Review, Boston Literary Review, The Brooklyner, Web Del Sol, Playboy, 5 Trope, Word Riot and other wonderful venues in print, on line & via audio and photography.

Short stories by Paul Beckman

Illustration for author Paul Beckman's flash fiction 'Coincidence or Retaliation?' by illustrator Allen Forrest

Coincidence or Retaliation?

I was snooping through my wife’s closet in between football games while she was away trying to connect with her family at one of their, “Tell us how you feel about that,” reunions…


Illustration for Paul Beckman's 'Sparing Partners No More' by Hannah Nolan

Sparing Partners No More

Melancholy engulfed Betsy when she realized Henry wouldn’t be coming home to their cape cod again. Their fights had gotten more personal and below the belt as of late and she knew that while …


Paul Beckman | Read flash fiction 'Dear Mom' Illustration by Kristy Lankford

Dear Mom

Dear Mom… You were sure right about the foliage. The New Haven Green is ablaze with multi-colored trees and the constant changing hues made me want to draw or paint them so I bought a small c…


Paul Beckman | Read flash fiction 'Beautiful Baby' Illustration by Daniele Murtas

Beautiful Baby

“Can you believe our good fortune? Beth said to her husband as they looked into the bassinette. “He’s so beautiful.” “Who would have thought it?” Martin …


Paul Beckman | Read flash fiction 'But I'm On The "Do Not Call" List' Illustration by Monique Laffite

But I'm On The 'Do Not Call' List

When the phone rang I knew it wasn’t going to be good and I was right, and there was nothing I could do about it. My credit card usage had been halted the computer voice said and if I tried t…