Erich Earl Forschler

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Birth Date: 1982
Lives in: Georgia, United States

Erich Forschler is a freelance writer living in Georgia. Writing always came naturally to him, and he has been writing stories ever since he was a child. Erich served in the US Air Force from 2002 - 2008, including two tours in Iraq (Kirkuk 2005, Baghdad 2006), and was honorably discharged at the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-5). After the military, Erich spent the next few years as a police officer before returning to Iraq in 2011 as a security contractor. After returning home from his third trip to Iraq, Erich decided he would be happier spending more time with his family. He went back to school full time, graduating from American Military University in 2013 with a BA in English. Drawing inspiration from the many supportive friends and family members in his life, Erich started over, charting a new career path. He started writing, and seriously this time. This is just the beginning.

Erich’s earliest inspiration was his grandfather, Richard. Richard was a journalist and WW2 veteran. Richard always stressed the importance of avid readership as a character trait for aspiring writers. Erich takes this advice with him as he moves forward, but with a caveat of his own: “At some point, you’re going to have to stop reading and write what you want to read next.”

Other Publications by Erich Forschler

“Weight of an Empire” - a self-published fiction novel about three friends and military veterans and a tumultuous year of their post-military lives in rural northeastern Georgia. Available on Amazon

“Coyote Skull” - a short work of supernatural western fiction.

Erich’s Writing Goals

Erich Forschler will be satisfied with his writing career when his work is better than that of his favorite writers. Namely, Ernest Hemingway and Cormac McCarthy. He understands how impossible this goal of bettering a pair of literary giants appears and adds, “That’s the damn point.”

Short stories by Erich Earl Forschler

Illustration for Erich Forschler's 'Chasing Armadillos' by Pam Casey

Chasing Armadillos

The truck’s tailpipe shook with steamy exhaust as the truck idled there between the several multi-storied and peach-colored stucco maintenance buildings. Twisted, drooping live oaks, charcoal aga…


Illustration for Erich Forschler's 'Merritt Bogdrosian Hunts Injun Style?' by Cait Maloney

Merritt Bogdrosian Hunts Injun Style?

It was bout mid-July up there at Mama Vanney’s house near Chuckey when I first heard the story of Merritt Bogdrosian. The whole family had come out to celebrate the birthdays of Mama Vanney a…


Erich Earl Forschler | Read flash fiction 'The Brief and Insignificant Life of a Lowly Tower Guard' Illustration by Cait Maloney

The Brief and Insignificant Life of a Lowly Tower Guard

The guard walking back and forth along the inner perimeter wall of the recaptured nuclear facility stopped and lit a cigarette. Once the ember was full he lifted his chin and drew in a long, deep s…


Erich Earl Forschler | Read flash fiction 'Brothers' Illustration by Cait Maloney


There are two of them. Leather armor, marching slowly closer. One arm heavy, one shoulder lower than the other. Brothers, defeated, emerging from the brown and black fog of dust and smoke. …


Erich Earl Forschler | Read flash fiction 'Clouds There, But No Water' Illustration by Lakshmy Mathur

Clouds There, But No Water

It was a cool day, even for September. Broken clouds swam in the light blue above. The house sat at the edge of town, just off the main street that bored its way between rows of old Victori…


Erich Earl Forschler | Read flash fiction 'Love for the Mistress' Illustration by Cara Lynch

Love for the Mistress

The glass reflected their translucent and floating faces as the world outside rolled by in green, blue and white. A constant hum with rhythmic thumps absorbed life on this side of the glass and kep…


Erich Earl Forschler | Read flash fiction 'Sentry' Illustration by Hannah Nolan


Ray Rider sat at the large wooden desk in the center of the office and rubbed his face with both hands. He massaged his temples and then slid the fingertips over his eyes and applied pressure. Ray …


Erich Earl Forschler | Read flash fiction 'The Lion of Abilene' Illustration by Alberta Torres

The Lion of Abilene

As seen from the balcony the ocean was every bit a living, breathing thing. The rain created a haze above the land that stretched out beyond the beach and over the ocean, eventually swallowing the …


Erich Earl Forschler | Read flash fiction 'Bjorn Noordvidarvdervarn and the Shape-Shifters' Illustration by James Brown

Bjorn Noordvidarvdervarn and the Shape-Shifters

Bjorn Noordvidarvdervarn was a legendary hunter in the days of the long winters on the northern isles. He hunted the whales, the seals, the foxes, wolves, and every bird in the sky. He wore the ski…