E.N. Heim

Photo of E.N. Heim

Birth date: 13 Feb, 1937
Lives in: Born in Chicago Illinois USA, but lives in Germany
Website: http://enheim.page.tl/

EN Heim spends his days writing and walking. Before retirement, he was a publications designer. Inspiration flows from his life, friends, activities and whatever crosses his path. When asked what other writers or artists he looks up to, his answer was: “Most everybody”.

Other Publications by EN Heim

EN Heim has published 4 books. 2 of these can be purchased through Amazon.com - Charlie’s House, and After Grimm.

EN’s Writing Goals

“Let’s be realistic about this achievement goal,” EN says. “I’m 78 years old and love writing. For me to obtain any goal at my age would be a miracle, but it would be nice. If I would achieve literary success, it would be too late to enjoy its pleasures. But it would be nice anyway. At least my kids would enjoy it.”

Short stories by E.N. Heim

Illustration for author EN Heim's flash fiction 'The Prank' by illustrator Michael Ilkiw

The Prank

SP-4 Tooker gazed at the body while eating his gooey black cheese. Knowing the large man well, SGT Moore and he got along famously. He chuckled over the way the situation was going. SGT Moore had a…


EN Heim | Read flash fiction 'The Birthday Party' Illustration by Lakshmy Mathur

The Birthday Party

Sometimes Garnet wondered if he would wake up one morning and find life a tragedy. Lately his life had been somewhat a comedy of errors. But a real tragedy, he thought, was bound to come up soon. W…


EN Heim | Read flash fiction 'Steak for Tuff' Illustration by Grace Gao

Steak for Tuff

It happened one summer. I got down to the pier at four in the morning, so I could get an early start. I wanted to get a place on a bench, up near the end of the pier. I figured my chances of gettin…