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Lives in: Washington, DC

Carol Nissenson is a professional actor/director. Her resume includes opera, recordings, commercials, stage and film work in both DC & NYC and national tours of Broadway shows. She currently performs with and directs Now This, a DC-based music and comedy improv troupe. They’ve performed in 23 states. Their audiences range from preschools to Fortune 500 execs.

Carol has been working with the ‘unwritten word’ for two decades, and storytelling is central to that work. She knows it will sound like a cliché, but she always wanted to write. It was the road not taken. But Carol did get to hang out with a lot of well known, and soon to be well known writers when she lived in NYC. Ironically, that may have discouraged her. She wanted to write light, fun, frivolous stuff and they wrote literature. A couple of years ago she said ‘I’m just going to do this, damn it’. Now it is an obsession.

Carol Nissenson primarily gets inspiration from her own life. If she ever puts together a collection of short stories she will call it A Writer, an Actor and a Rabbi’s Wife Walk Into A Bar. Throw in her 11 years as a New Yorker and who has to make anything up?

At the moment Carol is writing YA, and reading a lot of YA novels as a result. Most fun homework she’s ever done. She is simply in love with Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me. If Carol could write anything that wonderful, she could die happy. She admires those writers who can do good, creepy, twisted epic and modern fantasy, but has no gift for that style herself, and the world is a dark enough place as it is. As to ‘grownup’ books, nearly all the Swedish mystery writers, especially Henning Mankell. She loves Umberto Ecco, Gita Mehta, James Thurber, the Bronte sisters, Mark Twain, Garcia Marquez, and on and on.

Other Publications by Carol Nissenson

Carol’s short fiction has also been published by eFiction, Fiction on the Web UK, After Happy Hour Review, Dual Coast Magazine, Quail Bell Magazine, Blue Lake Review and Clover, a Literary Rag. She’s also an expert at getting letters to the editor (Google her name. You’ll see.), but that probably doesn’t count.

Carol’s Writing Goals

Carol could say “To have an excuse to go to as many writers conferences, as possible.” There would be a certain element of truth in that. And she could say “To have a substantially larger bank account,” and there would be more than an element of truth in that. What Carol really wants to achieve is to be able to write books that make readers say, “I can’t wait to find out what happens next.” She has good stories to tell, and if she tells them well enough, she will stand out.

Short stories by Carol Nissenson

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