A.A. Trivedi

A. A. Trivedi was born in April 1983 and spent the first ten years of her life growing up in Hemel Hemstead in Hertfordshire, England. She then moved with her family to Waterlooville in Hampshire, where she lived until she completed her degree in Criminology from the University of Portsmouth. A.A. Trivedi now lives in Toronto, Canada and is currently exploring ideas for her first full-length novel, as well as regularly writing short stories and poems. Her other interests are quite diverse and include everything from philosophy and world mythology to watching good crime shows and drinking green tea. A. A. Trivedi has been writing since she can remember and believes that for her, writing is not an art-form or a hobby but a necessity. Find her website here.

Short stories by A.A. Trivedi

Illustration for author Ahava Trivedi's flash fiction 'Different Worlds' by illustrator Cait Maloney

Different Worlds

He lived in the sea, and I on land. When he ventured into my world I always knew he was different. He didn’t mention that he was merely a tourist where I dwelled. His cool skin tone matched h…


Illustration for Ahava Trivedi's '1A' by Alberto Pessoa


She’s devastatingly beautiful. She always has been. She never had any of those awkward phases that most people encounter at some point through their teens. Her eyes are naturally big, and bro…


Illustration for A.A. Trivedi's "A Walk with the Damned" by Alankrita Amaya

A Walk with the Damned

We gathered around the tour guide, just off of Bourbon Street. He scanned each member of our group with keen interest, beginning his introduction, “N’Awlins, isa place of history —…


A.A. Trivedi | Read flash fiction 'The Presence' Illustration by Delilah Buckle

The Presence

He feels particularly on edge tonight, as he sits rigidly in his mahogany chair. Moonlight falls in a bold stripe across the faded rug in the middle of the living room. The windows are closed but t…