Short Story | ‘The White Man’ by Martin Hooijmans, Illustration by Lars de Ruyter

Illustration for 'The White Man' by Lars de Ruyter
  • lexborgia

    A very nice story, Martin. Question: is it real time, or a surreal vision he’s having while sitting in chains, with his men, waiting to be executed? Or is it left to interpretation? Cheers.

    • Martin Hooijmans

      Thank you Lex. Concerning your question, I would leave it down to interpretation. I actually don’t understand or realize the deeper meaning of my own work half the time, but am sure certain messages seep in, and think it’s amazing when people discover them.

  • April Winters


    • Martin Hooijmans


  • archiewahwah

    If only that happened to real gunslingers…!