Illustrated Short Story Magazine

Story Shack Magazine, founded in November 2011, is an on-line short story magazine featuring illustrated flash fiction. Its focus is to bring together the worlds of fiction and illustration by fostering relationships between authors and visual artists. Please enjoy our wealth of excellent illustrated short stories.

Illustration for Joey To's 'Trains' by Hong Rui Choo


The raindrops streak and split across the window, softening what little sunlight there is. I feel like yawning but I don't. I also feel like shutting … Read more

Illustration for Chris Fradkin's 'Because of Pictures' by Alankrita Jain

Because of Pictures

“But how do you know?” she said—we were walking the embankment. “Because, “I said, “the images sustain.” “The images?” “Well, there’s the … Read more

Illustration for Alan Semrow's 'XOXOX' by Sayantan Halder


My one call tonight was from Marla’s mother. She screamed through the phone, “Get down to the fucking hospital right now, Sean.” I asked what … Read more

Illustraton for Brian Biswas' 'Inversion' by Christine Stoddard


"Dreams are corporeal in nature," James said. "A manifestation of the other world breaking through." The psychiatrist, who had been writing … Read more

Illustration for Vesna Pivcevic's 'The Stepfather' by Hong Rui Choo

The Stepfather

Nathan was sleeping off his hangover, curled up on the sofa under a duvet like a grizzly bear. The fug of last night’s beer wafted off him as he … Read more

Illustration for Jay Merill's 'Skinwalking' by Michael Ilkiw


They say yellow is the colour of cowardice and I’ve never doubted it. I feel hot waves of yellowness surge through me as I cringe in shadow now. It’s … Read more