Illustrated Short Story Magazine

Story Shack Magazine, founded in November 2011, is an on-line short story magazine featuring illustrated flash fiction. Its focus is to bring together the worlds of fiction and illustration by fostering relationships between authors and visual artists. Please enjoy our wealth of excellent illustrated short stories.

Illustration for Janelle Ward's 'Yellow Light' by Terri Kelleher

Yellow Light

David was born with a yellow light on top of his head. At first it was very dim. No one really noticed because he entered the world with twists and … Read more

Illustration for Alex Leclerc's 'Broken' by Michael Ilkiw


Paul hears some static going through the doors. His heart stops for a second, thinking he would be signaled aside to be patted down. He can’t afford … Read more

Illustration for Walter Giersbach's 'Jump Cut' by Alankrita Jain

Jump Cut

Thirsty debated whether to open with the credits rolling over a slow crane shot of an apocalyptically devastated cityscape. Or, maybe the opening … Read more

Illustration for Cassandra Mehlenbacher's 'Ambience' by Pam Casey


I woke up to the smell of someone’s cooking three days in a row, and I’ve lived alone since the falling out I had with my roommate. The first morning, … Read more