Illustrated Short Story Magazine

Story Shack Magazine, founded in November 2011, is an on-line short story magazine featuring illustrated flash fiction. Its focus is to bring together the worlds of fiction and illustration by fostering relationships between authors and visual artists. Please enjoy our wealth of excellent illustrated short stories.

Illustration for Craig Towsley's 'Magic' by Terri Kelleher


You wake up in the middle of the night and remember that when you were ten, you had magic powers. Your wife mumbles in her sleep and rolls over, … Read more

Illustration for Melanie Vera's 'Bat in the Belfry' by Joey To

Bat in the Belfry

“Oh, Mark did such a beautiful job on that new cross didn’t he? Jesus would have loved it,” said Agnes before lapsing into a trilling rendition of … Read more

Illustration for W.A. Fix's "A Really Good Day" by Pam Casey

A Really Good Day

If you noticed Leslie Byrdson, you would probably wonder if he were one of the thousands released by mental institutions to wander city streets, … Read more

Illustration for Dave Clark's "Critics" by Sayantan Halder


Critics. This place is full of critics. And ducks. It’s Kelvin Henderson’s annual critics and ducks party. I’m currently being accosted by … Read more