Sarah Guppy | ‘The Convalescent’
Illustration by Hong Rui Choo

Sarah Guppy | 'The Convalescent' Illustration by Hong Rui Choo

Sarah Guppy

Sarah Guppy lives in Edinburgh and is self published. Her first collection of short stories called "Edinburgh Shorts" will be published shortly by Austin Macauley publishers in London, who can be found at:

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  • Johanna Miklos

    The most bewildering tale on Story Shack so far. I had to read it several times to get the timeline and the characters straight.

  • francisguenette

    So rich in descriptive material – I suspect a small piece of a larger story? Very intriguing. I do want to know more.

  • garyives

    I dig this story. The Dutch so tight assed, so repressed but at the same time full of bon vivant, fully appreicative of a good laugh, a good meal, a good tumble in the hay, merit, honor, peace and love. This story puts me in mind of a verbal Vermeer. Nicely done, thank you.