Ann Huchingson | ‘Chip in the Handle’
Illustration by Jordan Wester

Ann Huchingson | 'Chip in the Handle' Illustration by Jordan Wester

Ann Huchingson

Ann Huchingson has recently been delving back into short fiction. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and was once employed as the head writer of a kitschy prime time soap opera. She hopes to stop volunteering and start writing again!

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  • garyives

    This is a nicely crafted piece with a punch. Well done.

  • April Winters

    You made the child’s innocence shine through and brought a tear to my eye.

  • lauraroxie

    Beautifully written, evokes real emotion, bravo.

  • mike r. james

    very good

  • Pamela Langley

    This is a very well-written flash fiction piece. The voice of the child is strong, the significance of the chip is drawn well for the reader …