Terri Kelleher

Terri Kelleher is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Terri Kelleher’s work on http://www.terrikelleher.com

Stories illustrated by Terri Kelleher

Late Again

Written by Dina Leacock

Margaret Smith’s mother came into the bedroom and pulled back the curtains. “Margie, get up,” she called. Margaret covered her head with the pillow. “Margie, I said get out of that bed!” From under the pillow Margaret mumbled, “Don’t wanna get up.” Sighing, Mrs. Smith tucked some loose hair back under a roller and yelled, “Margaret Catherine Smith, you …


Written by Ruth Ann Hixson

Clarence didn’t remember when he first began hearing the voices. He’d been quite small because he’d been hearing them as far back as he could remember. Male and female voices that told him, “Do this; don’t do that.” When he first mentioned it to his mother, he’d been five years old. She told him it …

Fear of Honesty

Written by Natalie Kostecka

“We’re going to have to tell him eventually, love. One way or another.” Sophie sighed in reluctant understanding, swirling the whiskey around in her pleated glass. The strong scent of liquor wafted to her nostrils from the depths of the cup and she cringed her nose, frowning. “I really don’t want to, Rory. It’s more complicated …

The Fairy and the Tree

Written by Kalani Mijares

There was a girl out in the old church yard. The old Abbot paused on his walk around the grounds to consider the sight before him. There was a girl on the lawn, and judging by her unfamiliar appearance… well, she must not be from anywhere nearby, a visitor perhaps? With endless hair of silken white …

Yellow Light

Written by Janelle Ward

David was born with a yellow light on top of his head. At first it was very dim. No one really noticed because he entered the world with twists and twirls of blond hair. His mother kissed his forehead one hundred times in the first minutes of his life. She saw the light, but the …

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