Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson graduated from the University of Lincoln with an Animation degree. She is specialized in a wide range of skills, including illustration, digital artwork and background design.

Jessica is interested in mixing digital artwork and digital media, in order to create animated movies. She would like to use live footage merged with matte paintings to create new landscapes.

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Stories illustrated by Jessica Wilson


Written by Kyle Takemoto

Drake Kasen stood at the door of the Orbital Shuttle that had been commissioned for Orbital Skydiving and looked at the distant landscape of Earth.Drake sealed his protective suit and jumped out into the thin atmosphere. Drake felt gravity grip his body and pull him towards the ground as he fell. Drake closed his eyes, …

Love Unto the Dog Star

Written by Robin Wyatt Dunn

Love. In a mugshot. “Ready, set, go!” I am dancing, great gods, dancing, and I hardly know why. I hardly know anything, I am possessed. I am flinging my soul about under lights. Fights! And a big black guy is throwing me down on the ground. I am waiting, fainting, I am here. A deer. In your 21st Century headlights. …

Time in the Park

Written by Janette Crawford

He looked like a small Chinese Buddha, seated as he was, in a pagoda-style pavilion in the park. Everything about him was round — his shiny, bald head, cheeks like apples and chubby fingers that rested over a bulbous stomach, which if he had been a statue, people would have rubbed until it shone for …

A Not So Distressed Damsel

Written by Sandra Crook

“It’s not my turn.” “Look, Josie, Louella’s gone missing, and you were next in line, anyhow.” “But it’s not fair. I wasn’t due until next spring.” “Someone has to do it, and that someone’s you, Josie, so quit arguing and go get the robe on.” Josie flounced off, flushed at the injustice of it all. Louella should have warned …

Peacefully Coexist

Written by William Drummond

We three, the only survivors of the wrecked starship Buoyant, are Captain Bertrand Kelmond, Sergeant Rosalind Druley and me. The Captain has suffered a head injury, leaving him confused and ineffective as the leader. I am not happy with being assigned his attendant and neither is he. Captain Bert believes that he is still in charge …

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