Hong Rui Choo

By a fateful flurry of Eureka! luminescence and a spontaneous spasm of the heck, Hong Rui Choo gave up trying to join the monkeys up in the lofty coconut palms of the of the sweltering Southeast and now thrives as swimmingly as a bum can be, still somewhat confused but determined, in the city of the wee Bear-ling, where it shall find use of its fins and with any luck, learn to use the full stop.

Hong Rui Choo studied traditional Animation and now explores narratives in their myriad forms, meddling with pigments and pixels, and oftentimes pies, hoping to leave a positive splodge on this world.

Rui natters here: http://www.rui.brushd.com

Online shop coming soon!

Stories illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

The Navigator

Written by Don Bagley

The Utah sun had already set before my father remembered the chairs. Other family members were coming by for the barbecue, and there wouldn’t be enough seating without some folding chairs from the church. I stepped up into his Lincoln Navigator to help out. “Three hundred horsepower,” said Dad, “five-point-four liter engine. Climate control. Hear that …

Past Relations

Written by Sarah Guppy

7.35a.m. Cold hard winter rain hits the West Bronx pavements, pummelling the roads and sidewalks with merciless precision. Forecasts say more rain over the weekend so that the nearby lake in New York’s Botanical Gardens threatens to rise, disrupting remaining wild birds that haven’t already flown off to milder shores. Detective Inspector Linda Schwartzski listens …

A Humming Night

Written by Kristan Melo

The city had not gone to sleep, as there are very few cities left in the world that still sleep and those that do aren’t frequented. Nevertheless, the city was as near to sleep as it ever would be, and thus our story begins. The sky, beyond the thick layer of smog and the even …


Written by Rob Essley

From a nearby tree, one after another, birds dropped like stones, then, just before they struck the hard earth, swooped toward the front door. Flying fast, like black blurs through the twilight, they stuck their beaks in the heavy timber door like darts. Thwack! Thwack! Ten birds, then ten more, and Silas just lay there, …


Written by Clyde Liffey

Given the limited number of colors, crags, hollows, and other proportions that people’s faces have it isn’t unusual for two unrelated people to look similar if not almost exactly alike. This is not so different from the observation that any two snowflakes for all their purported individuality are indistinguishable in any given fall. The odds …

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