Grace Gao

Grace Gao is an illustrator who has illustrated short stories for Story Shack. Find even more of her work on

Stories illustrated by Grace Gao

The Wild Man

Written by James Osborne

“We’re going on a field trip,” our teacher told us just before classes should have started. His announcement would lead to quite an adventure before that day was over. We were excited … none of us had done much schoolwork anyway since early May. We were happy to escape from our one-room country school into a …

Leap of Faith

Written by Faye Godwin

There are moments in life when everything is on the brink of change and even though that change has been longed for it still scares the hell out of you. That is where Samantha is at right now, she stands on the precipice of all that she has wished for yet she is terrified. Staring …

Ghost Writer

Written by Tim Swartz

Most of you have good reasons for not believing in the spirit world. For some of you, it’s just not possible to imagine the human soul continuing its existence among the living without concrete, scientific proof. Others would argue that this sort of thing goes against their religious beliefs or that the idea of ghosts …


Written by Stephanie Flood

She is a nameless woman with unicorn skin, bearing purple and pink scars that bleed into an ashen sky. Her eyes pulse with the spectral grit and oil of yesterday’s brutality. As pain boils, it sears open a distant heaven, as real as her life, now exhausted, as a kingdom waits, seated on a throne …

If Only Someone Had Cared a Little More

Written by Martin Dean Dupalo

It was the day before a new president was to take office. For many, excitement and hope was swelling. For others, another day of survival and nothing more. It was late Monday, dinner time for most. The man wandered into the restaurant hungry. No different than most except that he was homeless. No one had …

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