Delilah Buckle

Delilah Buckle is an illustrator living in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2013, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration.

Currently Delilah Buckle trains to become a full-time illustrator. She is interested in graphic novels, animation, sequential art, conceptual illustration and character design.

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Stories illustrated by Delilah Buckle

Checkmate on an Empty Board

Written by Helen Rossiter

Mira is dead, and Jackson and I both know who killed her. I am racing back to the old homestead where as boys we’d been inseparable, and where as men we loved the same woman and grew to hate each other. It is two years at least since I was here, but it is the …

Message in a Rose

Written by Jennifer M. Zeiger

“You can’t go near the place,” Ryan begged. “They’ll flog you if they catch you.” “So what?” Riddick threw his jacket on and tucked a piece of paper into the pocket. “I’ll chance a flogging. It’s been months since anyone’s seen her.” Ryan scowled but handed over the rose he held. “Think she’s all right?” he asked, his …

Weight of an Echo

Written by Andrew Vrana

“You can back out of this, you know.” The voice was like an echo from my past, catching up to me in the present. But this was different: The circle would be complete. That was the plan, anyway. “I’m scared,” Gu revealed to me through my ear bud. His accent was light, which was odd considering few …


Written by Vela Damon

He reached for her hand in the dark, remembering too late that he wouldn’t find it. Cradling her pillow as a pitiful substitute, John breathed in her lingering scent and wept, the bed creaking under the force of his sobs. Hours later, when sleep came again, it was fitful, filled with dreams of calling her name …

American Medicine

Written by Jonathan Klay

I don’t make a sound and the drool falls from my mouth in gallons. I’m not sure where they hit me, but it feels like everywhere, my face feeling flat like a cartoon character, my nose feeling nonexistent. Someone took my shoe. Why? Why my shoe? I get up without a problem. They didn’t break my …