There is Something Going On

by Ashton Stevens & Daniele Murtas

This is a work of fiction. Any events or persons depicted do not reflect reality. Please note that neither The Story Shack as a publication nor any of the editors and illustrators representing it have any professional interest in the political discussions surrounding this theme. The story is presented as it is: an enjoyable work […]

No Biggy

by Margaret Ugbo & Michael Paul

“I’ll take them in size nine,” I said. The shop assistant in the origami shirt looked up from where he’d folded himself into a squat. “Are you sure?” He had a lisp. He expected me to go with the size sixes on my feet. From the distance of a stranger he had a point. They […]

The Dodecahedron Skirting the Round Hole

by Karen Heslop & Kristy Lankford

Their website said ‘prestigious’ but my mind thought ‘pretentious’. Even as I read the introductory sentences in the ABOUT section of their website, the words were being recited by someone I like to call Mrs.Delatrice Branderbury. Mrs. Branderbury is married to Johnathan Branderbury of the Oxford Branderburys. She is always neatly coiffed, suitably primped and […]

Crime writer’s book sales soar after husband slain like twisted plot

by Rajendra Shepherd & Cait Maloney

It was a long shot; but Muriel could never feel safe now. Not unless… facing the good detective, her nerves jangled. She wished he would finish his coffee and just say ‘yes’. “What exactly did your husband say?” the officer asked. She glanced out the window and let the sun dazzle her blackened lashes. “You’re […]

Rentless Love

by B. Butler & Lakshmy Mathur

A knock on the door. I put down my bowl of oatmeal. Through the glass I saw my neighbor, Cam Farley. “Come on in Cam, get out of the cold.” It was an unusually chilly February morning. The bright sunlight didn’t put a dent on the ground frost. The frozen scrub grass didn’t move in […]