Glass Eye

by Andrés Felipe Hernández & Sayantan Halder

After all, life gave birth to a glass eye, naming it home… Vacant, full of noise is the Eye, picturing no more than diluted silhouettes painting lips to my soul so the masquerade could imbibe them in a kiss; one red, fresh, one, of my desire becoming the flesh. No more, pictures the Eye, than the […]

God’s Creatures

by Jack Coey & Michael Ilkiw

The old man was alone in the cabin with a picture window over the water. He held a coffee cup and was humming. There was a radio playing songs and advertisements. After some moments, he moved to the sink and rinsed some forks and knives and dried them with a towel. His wife died over […]

Tight Forty-Five

by Thomas Massari & Michael Paul

“It’s a great release. You know, getting in the gym and exerting your dominance,” said the crimson beauty across the table from me. She sat, legs cross, with a plate of wintergreen lettuce leaves in front of her. “I can only imagine,” I said. We sat in the middle of a compact Italian restaurant, tables nearly bumping […]

Diary of an Unknown Soldier

by Kenza Chikh & Kenza Chikh

July 3, 1916 (during the Battle of the Somme) Dear Diary, Pictures. Sounds. Screams. My head is hurting, my eyes are tired. Words, tears, pain, I do not know where we are all going. I am sorry my diary, I know you hate it when I write my dirty words on your pages. You hate to smell […]

The Exhibit

by Genelle Chaconas & Allen Forrest

You and I go to this exclusive show at the museum. One interactive exhibit is a camera which will age your image by fifty years. It costs five nonrefundable dollars. It looks like a photo booth narrower than a confessional. I didn’t want to try it but go first. I demand your five dollars, which […]