Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer

Stories by Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer

Dollar Store

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

“Think! Hurry! Concentrate! Something’s got to be here that will save me! Where? What? I need to act NOW!” It couldn’t have been but 15 or 20 minutes ago when I left my motel over by those apartments down the street. I’d been driving most straight through on I-5, up from Travis Air Force Base in …

Poached Egg

Illustrated by Allen Forrest

Part of Larry’s 200 hours of community service was to help relocate the Henry County Museum. On his third trip he helped himself by relocating a fossilized egg from the dinosaur exhibit. He planned to sell the artifact at his brother Matt’s yard sale that weekend at the “Kitty Ranch” on Old Mill Road. What didn’t …

No Thank You

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

“No Thank You” I don’t remember who I was talking to or what I was talking about, but it was my voice I heard and I remember saying it. That’s what woke me up, “No thank you.” Had I said it on the telephone to a telephone sales person persistently selling telephones or a cellular telephone service …