Short Story | ‘Genesis’ by Leslie Richards, Illustration by Hong Rui Choo

Illustration for 'Genesis' by Hong Rui Choo
  • erichforschler

    Well done. Very intriguing. Love the artwork, too.

    • Leslie

      Thank you very much :) I’m quite fond of the artwork as well!

  • Walter Giersbach

    This story left me scratching my head. The writing is taut, and well-done for it its genre style, but I just couldn’t figure out what we going on. Ada is the subject, but wht is the object?

    • Leslie

      I would say her vengeance against The Outfit. I’m sorry that that wasn’t more clear, or if that’s not what you meant.

      Thank you though, for the writing comment. This was my first time writing in this genre.

  • Timothy Hurley

    Love it. That we don’t know what the organization is works for me. Whether it is good or bad doesn’t matter. What matters is Ada’s attitude. Last sentence is the sledge hammer.

    • Leslie

      Thank you very much :D I am so glad that you like it. I really appreciate your feedback as well. Positive or negative, it’s necessary to grow as a writer.