Short Story | ‘New Word to the Pa-Ayello’ by Scott Livingston, Illustration by Stephanie Matos

Illustration for 'New Word to the Pa-ayello' by Stephanie Matos
  • Ben Dodge

    Wow. Very well done- there’s an elegance to this that really caught my eye. You really know what you are writing about- the very style of your prose gives off the feel of how the tribe thinks, acts, and speaks. Well done indeed! The illustration captures the feel of this perfectly!

    • Scott L

      Thanks for the good words. It’s actually part of a much bigger story that is still in the tedious process of re-write. In the book, this incident is only given brief mention so I relished the idea of expounding on the scene. Thanks for breaking the “comment ice” and giving me a read.
      Talk to you soon,