Short Story | ‘The Morning After’ by Scott Livingston, Illustration by Mike S. Young

Illustration for 'The Morning After' by Mike S. Young
  • erichforschler

    The best apocalypse that wasn’t! Funny story. Like the art, too!

  • Scott L

    Thanks for the read! I think I was lamenting the loss of the NatGeo channel on my new satellite programming schedule and my inability to follow “Doomsday Preppers” when I wrote this. Just good fun and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I agree with you on the artwork, check out Mike’s website if you get a chance.

    See you next time,

  • judithjoubert

    Hello there,
    I hosed myself. Plus December 26th 2012 came and went without any mishaps. Love the art, it suits the story.

  • Scott L

    Whew! We really dodged the bullet on THAT one didn’t we!? On to the next calamity!

    I think the Aztecs might have something on for 2014 …