James Guin | ‘The Light’
Illustration by James Brown

James Guin | 'The Light' Illustration by James Brown

James Guin

James Guin is an aspiring writer. His flash fiction stories appear in Free Flash Fiction and Dark Edifice Online Literary Magazine #4

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  • Walter Giersbach

    Martin, may I submit a small suggestion, and that is to list the author and illustrator on the main page of your daily feed and again at the top of the second window I open? It’s cumbersome to open the second window, read a story and then find author and illustrator credits listed on the bottom of the page. Yes, I do go out of my way to read favorite writers and writerly friends when I see their bylines.

    • http://www.thestoryshack.com The Story Shack

      Good suggestion, Walt, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for letting me know.

  • MaryAnn

    Enjoyed your story. Has a bit of truth huh?

  • Mary Guin

    I enjoyed your story. I feel as though I know the characters in the story. Keep writing.

    • James Guin

      Thanks for reading my story.