Short Story | ‘Drive’ by Ben Dodge, Illustration by Mark Reihill

Illustration for 'Drive' by Mark Reihill
  • francisguenette

    A wonderful ride through a descriptive flow of words – a post-apocalyptic gun-slinger stops to watch the sunset – very nice.

    • Ben Dodge

      Thank you very much! It means a lot.

  • Timothy Hurley

    Congrats, Ben. You’re not unpublished now.

  • JimsGotWeb

    Hi, I enjoyed your story. Do you have plans to write more about this character? I would love to hear more about this world.

    • Ben Dodge

      Actually, yes- the novel I mentioned in my bio, “Pit Stop 169″ has the character in “Drive” as one of the minor characters.
      I’m still at work on the first draft- if you’re interested in checking out fragments of the novel, take a look at my blog. I’ll be putting up a character sketch called “The Stoic” soon.

  • Scott L

    Nice groove as always. Slick, even tempered and sweet…and by “sweet” I mean, sweeeeeeeeeet!
    Keep the Flame burning Ben,
    Scott L

    • Ben Dodge

      Thank you very much! Appreciate the support as always.

  • Scott L

    You’re welcome of course. I think that after you gain familiarity with an artist and his work, the same kudos tend to apply. I hadn’t used “sweet” yet so I thought that it was about time.
    It’s great to see you here on the Shack and everywhere for that matter!
    See you at DtB