Carla J. Dow | ‘The Mountain That Eats Men’
Illustration by Mike S. Young

Carla J. Dow | 'The Mountain That Eats Men' Illustration by Mike S. Young

Carla Dow

Carla J Dow is a published writer of both completely made up stories as well as the gritty and often uncomfortable truth of real life. She graduated in 2004 from a Journalism Studies BA (hons) with a first class degree and quickly gained her National Certificate Examination from the National Council for the Training of Journalists. Carla has worked as a senior news reporter and health correspondent for local newspapers and magazines in Berkshire and Hampshire. During the past four years, Carla has written regularly for a variety of national and regional charity and public sector publications, including the world’s largest humanitarian organisation the Red Cross. Carla’s current projects include her first novel and a plethora of short stories about people who do not belong.

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  • Tish Farrell

    A powerful story indeed, and as all good stories, takes us right to the place.

  • Tish Farrell

    Also a striking and chilling image by Mike S Young

  • Erich Forschler

    Great imagery – great illustration as well.

  • Fay

    Gripping story telling, I’m already a fan of this author – looking forward to the next story.

  • Gary Ives

    This dandy well told and well illustrated story put me right back to the mines at Cerro de Pasco and feeling dizzy from serroche and high altitude Cristals. Nice work. Bien hecho.