Jill Schmehl | ‘Is This An Emergency?’
Illustration by Delilah Buckle

Jill Schmehl

Jill Schmehl spends most of her waking hours attempting to capture the thoughts that scurry around her mind and put them to work entertaining others. You can find these thoughts on her blog, Mind of a Mouse.

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  • http://disappearinginplainsight.wordpress.com francisguenette

    Gripping story – when it comes to that moment of do something or not, I really liked that Lesley chose personal involvement rather than 911 or child services – and rallied others to the cause as well. Well worth stopping by the Shack for a read.

    • http://jaschmehl.wordpress.com jaschmehl

      Thanks! And thanks again for helping me find the Shack – it is my new favorite place on the web.

  • http://jaschmehl.wordpress.com jaschmehl

    Reblogged this on Mind of a Mouse and commented:
    My own story with an awesome illustration by Delilah Buckle is over on The Story Shack today. Go check it out!

  • http://barryleethompson.wordpress.com barryleethompson

    I read this the other day and liked it, but didn’t “like” it! So how would you know? Sometimes, a little thing, like the fact that just to hit the “like” button means logging in all over again, stops me from those interacts. A technical issue, that has more to do with me than WP, I suppose. Anyway… good story.