Jenifer Stewart | ‘I Hate the Sunshine’
Illustration by Sayantan Halder

Jenifer Stewart | 'I Hate the Sunshine' Illustration by Sayantan Halder

Jenifer Stewart

Jen is a full time college student and stay-at-home mommy to two amazing boys and loves rediscovering the joy and innocence of youth through their eyes. She currently resides in Las Vegas, but is a country girl at heart. She is an aspiring screenwriter, but recently discovered a passion for short stories. She loves springtime, coffee with cream and sugar, country music, and butterflies. She believes that there is a never an excuse to give up your dreams, and that you can move mountains if you do it one stone at a time. She handles rejection by reminding herself that Dr. Seuss was rejected by fifty publishers and no one wanted to produce Star Wars. She believes the most important thing any artist can do is to stay true to themselves and wait for someone to share their vision.

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  • Denise Rookstool

    Very well written Jen. Thank you for sharing your heart and allowing us a peek inside. Please keep writing.

  • Denise Rookstool

    Great job Sayantan putting a visual to Jens words. You captured the essence.

  • April Winters

    Well written and poignant. Keep writing and sharing it with the world.

  • sayantan halder

    thanks… Denise..:)