Short Story | ‘Cronus’ by Brian Moore, Illustration by Péter János Novák

Illustration for 'Cronus' by Péter János Novák
  • Brian Moore

    Thanks for stopping by, all who have Liked, and even those who didn’t Like!

  • Paul H.

    In this story, I See a Child … a Young Man … Masterfully FACING His fears … and Going Beyond the narrow-mindedness of “Grandpa” … because the Younger-Heart STILL retains a Respect-for-Life.

    ~ Having a Heart … even with all It’s pain and sorrow (as in the story) … IS the basis of Being-Alive … because, It Teaches “Me, Myself, and I” how to remain Sensitive, Thoughtful, and even Compassionate … towards the Creations-of-Life … whenever We Forgive Our Moment of “not knowing what-to-do” … when We feel emotionally unprepared to Experience “powerlessness” … and yet, Honest-enough to Know WHEN WE ARE POWERFUL ! (Through “Different” Words and Actions … Developed away from the “norm” of Our family & friends.)

    • Brian Moore

      Thank you, Paul, I appreciate the depth you’ve brought to this. Please enjoy the other works here, and keep an eye out for more from me! I look forward to publishing more work here at Story Shack.

  • Barb.. your best sister EVER!! : )

    Gives me chills. As Amy describes us.. Country Mouse and City Mouse.