Short Story | ‘The Convalescent’ by Sarah Guppy, Illustration by Hong Rui Choo

Illustration for 'The Convalescent' by Hong Rui Choo
  • Johanna Miklos

    The most bewildering tale on Story Shack so far. I had to read it several times to get the timeline and the characters straight.

  • francisguenette

    So rich in descriptive material – I suspect a small piece of a larger story? Very intriguing. I do want to know more.

  • garyives

    I dig this story. The Dutch so tight assed, so repressed but at the same time full of bon vivant, fully appreicative of a good laugh, a good meal, a good tumble in the hay, merit, honor, peace and love. This story puts me in mind of a verbal Vermeer. Nicely done, thank you.