Short Story | ‘The Canine Connection’ by Deepali Patil, Illustration by Sherri Oliver

Illustration for 'The Canine Connection' by Sherri Oliver
  • Sept

    Love the art work! nice heart felt story.

  • prasanna

    beautiful picture. Very well written.

  • shalmali

    What a wonderful read, i could recollect my childhood through the authors eyes.i wish Deepali all the best in her work and look forward to read more from her…she reflects my thoughts and love for our canine friend

  • hsutton13

    Such a great story, and love the illustration!

  • Ameet Bhonsle

    Beautifully written —- make me feel to have my own puppy —– keep writing :)

  • Priyanka Singh kakde

    Although I do not have any direct canine connection….but after entering into your family….I can truly understand where these emotions are coming from and the value of pets all u guys have. Loved ur article…hope to u’ll share more in future…

  • prashant kakde

    beautifully written-bringback memories of dear chotu —–abakaka