Short Story | ‘Art Is The Child’ by Jane Wells, Illustration by Sherri Oliver

Illustration for 'Art is the Child' by Sherri Oliver
  • Grace Lessageing

    I thought it was terribly sad. I wish they’d had a child together!

  • storylover

    I felt the same way! Actually reminds me a little bit of Downton Abbey and the whole issue of marriages of convenience. It seems they can turn into a lasting love after all, although clearly there’s a sexual incompatibility issue here;)

    Anyway, I’m glad the author eulogized Richard so he can live on after all…

  • Norm Tessman

    Grace, you must be kidding! It’s the old “Lady or the Tiger” — Open the right door, and she gets half a million bucks and a pretty baby. If it’s the wrong door, what’s behind it will eat her (temporarily) alive. And there’s no way to manipulate the outcome. As a prominent conservative Hollywood guy would say, “Looks like a cluster !!!!!!!! to me.”